Blocktech Internal Consultant

Our Versatile company set up allows us to be able to offer you two types of in house support by physically working alongside your Contracts/Project manager or internal resource either in your offices or site location in the UK or Europe.

The benefits of this service are quick delivery of large numbers, instant feedback between parties, sole focus from our team member on your company and vacancies.

The benefit to us is we really get to understand how the company works, the ethos, and the role which helps us to find the perfect candidate and build relationships for the future.


Type 1:

Your Internal team are dealing with the labour need and payment solutions in house, although are struggling with the large numbers required for a specific project and you are reluctant to hire a new permanent person into the team.

Or you have your internal resource on annual leave, maternity leave, or long term sick and require a temporary replacement avoiding difficult HR situations.

Exactly like any other contractor we supply a Recruitment consultant on a temporary fixed contract basis to support or become your internal resource.

This comes with a competitive day rate charge, and a small commission structure.

For more information on this service and cost please email

Type 2:

Very similar to type one but we work alongside the project director, contracts manager, or project manager at their location. This has been very popular with companies operating across Europe as speeds up the delivery greatly with instant telephone interviews arranged as well as giving our Blocktech MEP employee a great understanding of what’s required.

Again, this comes with a day rate charge, and a reduced commission structure.

This service will also come with a logistics charge for travel and accommodation.

For more information on this service and cost please email